We are happy to announce that our literature review  “Adaptive e-learning systems through learning styles: A review of the literature” has been published in the journal Advances in Mobile Learning Educational Research.

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Abstract:The domain of education has taken great leaps by capitalizing on technology and the utilization of modern devices. Nowadays, the established term “one size fits all” has begun to fade. The research focuses on personalized solutions to provide a specially designed environment on the needs and requirements of the learner. The adaptive platforms usually use Learning Styles to offer a more effective learning experience. This review analyzes the learner model, adaptation module, and domain module, originating from the study of 42 papers published from 2015 to 2020. As more modern techniques for adaptation get incorporated into e-learning systems, such techniques must be compliant with educational theories. This review aims to present the theoretical and technological background of Adaptive E-learning Systems while emphasizing the importance and efficiency of the utilization of Learning Styles in the adaptive learning process. This literature review is designated for the researchers in this field and the future creators and developers of adaptive platforms.