The Department

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is a five-year (5-year) course of study and covers the field of Energy, Automatic Control, Telecommunications and Computers. It is a very dynamic Department that aspires to offer the necessary training and to properly prepare future Engineers by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and experience to become the specialized and high-level executives of tomorrow who will serve science and industry. Students gain theoretical knowledge and technical training in the cognitive areas treated by the department, develop oral and written communication skills as well as group collaboration. The study program of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers the following advanced semester directions:

  1. Electricity Systems
  2. Electronics, Systems and Computers
  3. Telecommunications and Information Technology

These directions educate students in the subjects

  • of Electrical & Electronic Power Systems
  • of Energy Technologies
  • of Electronic & Microelectronic Systems
  • of Digital Systems & Automatic Control
  • of Telecommunication Systems
  • of Computer Engineering and Informatics