The robust growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its massive usage in every aspect of human life has made a tremendous impact on the learning procedure, leading to new concerns over the need to reform the educational system to embody such technologies. Therefore, a resurgence of interest has occurred in how to use serious games as assistance to pedagogical activities over the last years.
Serious games though must be designed for individuals to provide a personalized experience and increase perceived value for learners. However, creating such games is not an easy task, requiring an expertise from a wide variety of fields such as game and software developers, educational specialists, game testers and teachers. Platforms that enable collaboration for creating tailored-made third party serious games are now the top of the international research agenda and there are yet no significant exemplars available.
According to the above we have designed and developed the IOLAOS platform, which aims to facilitate the collaboration of user roles in order to:

  • enable educational experts to codify learning styles and preferences into game creation,
  • share information and instructions with game developers to make their games adaptable
  • allow teachers to create their own virtual classes, monitoring game learning sessions and customizing their learner’s game experience based on their profile,
  • offer learners a unique game educational experience and
  • permit game testers to constantly evaluate the whole procedure and provide feedback for the reliability of the platform.

Link: Iolaos Platform

Technologies Used

  • Laravel Framework
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Vuejs
  • HTML5
  • Materialize.css
  • WebRTC
Involved with Project

Stavros Charitakis