In the current project our concern is to develop an application for a smart device. Given requirements we should analyze design and pilot implement a system for Room Energy Profiling, Monitoring and Intervention. The system should monitors the energy consumption, visualize the data, define the room profile and should be able to intervene to the energy consumption.

Our aim is to develop a Software that reads different sensors of a smart device and define the energy profile of the space. We should handle two scenarios the Intrusive and non-Intrusive one. On Intrusive scenario, expect to find sensors installed at the room or building the use of an IoT network. On the other hand, non-Intrusive does not expect to find any installed sensors.

Android Project Room Energy Monitoring


Arduino Project Room Monitoring and Profiling

Target Group

Industrial facilities and Smart homes

R&D Area

  • Network
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
Technologies Used

  • Arduino
  • C / C++
  • Android Studio
  • Java

Involved with Project

Lasithiotakis Michail Angelos