Environmental pollution is an international serious, acute, health and social problem that humans are responsible for. Rapid technology evolution could provide us solutions to predict and monitor environmental parameters and thus minimize or even eliminate environmental pollution.
Using a wireless sensor network (WSN) and an Internet of Things (IoT) implementation, we can create an eco-friendly and controlled environment. This paper presents an embedded and standalone system that can monitor, store and analyse environmental data as well as calculate energy consumption in specific settings. Information is available via a web application with central management abilities. Our appliance can work standalone as well as part of a smart ICT grid of appliances.
The system aims to determine and designate environmental spaces, in which human activities could be harmful. More specific, it can be used at world cultural heritage and archaeological places, building, constructions where allowance of human intervention is prohibited or very limited. Collecting and analyzing data can help us estimate the environmental consequences of human actions.


Environmental Monitoring through Embedded System and Sensors Circuit.

Target Group

Industrial facilities and Smart homes

R&D Area

  • Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
Technologies Used

  • Arduino
  • C / C++

Involved with Project

Dr. Vidakis Nikolaos

Lasithiotakis Michail Angelos

Dr. Karapidakis Emmanuel